Water And Your Oral Health: When To Embrace It! 

In short, you should always embrace water! It’s pretty much always good for your oral health. With that said, however, you may be wondering if there are some specific times you’re overlooking during which water is a helpful suggestion, if not practically magical, for assisting you in keeping your oral environment clean and safe! Fortunately, our Silver City, NM team is more than happy to announce that we absolutely have some suggestions for ideas you may not have considered just yet! They can give you that extra bit of protection you need for a smile that stays healthy, feels good, and that you feel good about, too!


You’ve Heard Of Spring Cleaning…But Fall Cleaning?

You know all about spring cleaning, when you dust, you toss out the stuff you don’t use anymore, you organize as much as you can, you de-clutter, and you may even extend this clean everything out mentality to your daily and long-term life schedule, too! While this can prove beneficial for your oral health, should you choose to include it in your cleanout, we are now in the midst of autumn! It’s been a while since spring, summer has passed, and now, you might have noticed that you’ve managed to accumulate some items (and let some important tasks fall by the wayside). So, our Silver City, NM team suggests: Fall cleaning! Learn more.

Schedule Your 2nd Annual Dental Cleaning!

Let’s begin at the organizing your life portion of your fall cleaning experience! Check your calendar and review your schedule. Reflect on the dental care that you have received thus far! What is it that you’ve accidentally allowed to lie dormant in the cobwebs of your mind that you’re currently clearing away? If you need your second annual dental cleaning, now is the time to schedule it before the year is through (and your insurance benefits run out). Need anything else for your oral health? A filling? Crown? We’re here for your every smile care need!

Get Your Home Care Cleaned Out!

Now, for the actually physical cleaning and removal of all things that are cluttering your life (and your bathroom) in terms of your oral health care. First, check out your dental hygiene collection and toss out anything that’s expired, obviously old, or that you will never use again. Next, ask yourself what you need in order to get your space organized and stocked for optimal dental care. Once you get these details addressed, you’ll be ready for enjoyable brushing and flossing!

Prep For Holiday Time, Too!

Remember to add the holidays to your list, when you’re doing your fall cleaning in your bathroom and home. What do you need to consider? Are you going to be having guests in your home? Are you planning on leaving, traveling to another place for your festivities? Going on a very fun vacation? If so, then take stock of what’s in your cabinets, what guests might need, or what you and your family might need to ensure you have dental hygiene items with you at all times! Last but not least, take stock of your professional smile care and ask, what’s missing and what needs to be addressed? Need care? Come in soon!

Prepare For A Healthy Fall Smile

Do a bit of autumn cleaning, similar to spring cleaning, but in the cooler months of the year! Follow through on our advice to get your dental hygiene collection sorted and to see our team for your next cleaning! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.

No, That Smile Care Approach Isn’t Weird! 

We know that though there are some particular guidelines we present our patients for optimal oral health, it doesn’t mean everyone is going to do things just the same. However, from your side of things, you may occasionally worry that we have specific expectations. Here’s what our Silver City, NM team would love for you to keep in mind: As long as you are doing what it takes to maintain a clean smile through brushing, flossing, and visits with us (and your efforts are proving to be successful), you’re free to practice your care as you wish! Let’s review some things you may worry are weird, so you can feel much better about the good job you’re doing.


Autumn Announcement: Don’t “Fall” Short Of Your Smile Goals!

Yes! We made it to autumn, which means so many happy times ahead, so much delicious food, so many parties, so many sweaters to wear! Then, of course, in addition to the fun festivities headed your way, there are some details to consider in terms of your smile! So, what is it that you need to bring to the forefront, now that we have just a handful of months left before we’re ringing in the new year? Well, our Silver City, NM team suggests you focus on your autumn smile goals to ensure you get them sorted out now, before we’re well into winter!


Worries You Can Remove With Simple Dental Care

You may occasionally realize that you feel you’re not in control of your smile in the least. You assume cavities just happen, that a beautiful smile is purely luck of the draw, and that good or bad breath is a mystery. However, the truth behind these and all other smile-related worries is that you actually are in control! Did you know that with just a bit of dental care knowledge, you can quickly understand how to keep your smile healthy, beautiful, and comfortable? All true! Consider some helpful details from our Silver City, NM team.


Say Goodbye To Cavities: Things To Do And To Limit

There are some very obvious things you can do to prevent cavities (and, though you may be aware of them, sometimes you simply need a reminder to actually follow through on performing them!). Then, there are some not-so-obvious details that come into play that, should you put them into practice, can have a significant impact on your ability to say goodbye to tooth decay without always wondering whether you are or aren’t headed toward a cavity. For success, consider some things our Silver City, NM team suggests you do … and things we suggest you limit!


Smile Care: What Is “Masking” Problems And Why Is It Bad?

When you hear that it’s better to treat a problem than to mask symptoms, you may not really understand what we mean by that. As a result, you may wonder if you’ve been doing it, what the alternative is, and how you should be going about your dental care in a different, more beneficial way. Fortunately, once you grasp this easy-to-digest concept, as our Silver City, NM team explains it, you’ll find that you have a clear, solid understanding of what is required of you when a problem needs professional attention! Learn more.


Common Causes Of Hand Cramps When Brushing! 

Over the course of your lifetime, you may find that you occasionally deal with an issue here, and another there, in relation to your dental hygiene experience. Most of the time, it’s all smooth sailing! However, what to do when a sudden and frustrating obstacle shows up, such as dealing with hand cramps, while brushing your teeth? Our Silver City, NM team suggests you do a bit of detective work, reflect on the details, and of course bring your concerns to our attention, so we may help! Remember, the more you learn about your care, the easier it is to streamline it!


Gingivitis: You’re Definitely Going To Want To Avoid It

If you have ever wondered why we tend to remind you over and over about preventive care and just how important it is for you to follow through with it, today, we share one very important reason: Gingivitis! It’s absolutely something you’re going to want to avoid, if you can help it, which you most certainly can if you follow our suggestions for your daily and long-term care. Are you ready? Wonderful. Gain a more thorough understanding of this gum health problem from our Silver City, NM team, as you become much more familiar with why keeping it from impacting your oral health should be a major priority!


3 Things That Flossing Supports

The main parts of your preventive dental care include your brushing at home, your flossing at home, and your cleanings and checkups with our Silver City, NM team! While you may feel perfectly steadfast in your dedication to brushing twice every day and even seeing us twice a year, there may be one little part of you that wonders why you have to floss, too! Since this is a pretty common question, we are happy to respond by helping you better understand the many ways that your decision to floss supports your oral health!