Dental Crowns

dental crowns pageEven if you know someone with a dental crown, there’s a good chance that you wouldn’t know unless they told you. These days, dental crowns, or caps, are often made from lifelike materials that closely resemble natural teeth, such as ceramic and zirconia. Still, more traditional crowns made from gold or other metals may be appropriate in certain cases, such as for molars that withstand intense bite pressure, or for patients with bruxism who grind their teeth constantly. At Silver Smiles, we offer a variety of highly-customizable dental crowns to suit your needs and effectively rebuild your smile.

Why Dental Crowns Work

Regardless of the material used to create them, dental crowns are fashioned to closely mimic the size and shape of healthy, natural teeth. Also known as caps because they completely cover the top portions of our teeth, crowns are designed to protect teeth that have been structurally compromised, and may work best to repair:

  • Tooth cracks and fractures
  • Broken teeth
  • Teeth with large dental fillings
  • Teeth that have received root canal treatment
  • Severe tooth blemishes, including chips and worn surfaces
  • Stubborn or internal tooth discoloration
  • And more

Dental Crowns and Dental Implants

As a restorative treatment, dental crowns are effective at protecting and preserving healthy tooth structure. Yet, they can also serve as a replacement option for missing teeth when coupled with dental implants. A dental implant mimics the root of a lost tooth, and is placed in the jawbone where the missing tooth root once rested. After the jawbone has healed, a lifelike dental crown can be securely connected to the implant post by a connective abutment that extends above the gum line. Together, a dental implant and crown can create the most realistic tooth replacement option, complete with a prosthetic root.

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