tooth-extractionExtracting a tooth is often a simple procedure that your general dentist can perform. But in some cases, simple extraction won’t be enough to safely remove a broken, infected, or impacted tooth. Compared to simple tooth extraction, surgical extraction is a slightly more complex procedure involving a small incision in the gums to access all of the tooth’s structure. Surgical tooth extraction may be necessary to remove the threat of a severely broken tooth, a tooth that with extensive decay (infection), or a wisdom tooth that is impacted within the jawbone.

Surgical and Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, frequently become impacted by the second set of molars already present nearby. When this happens, the third molars are forced to grow at an angle, pushing against your other teeth as they continue to grow and try to erupt. Because wisdom tooth impaction is so common, they are also the most frequently extracted teeth, and their impaction typically calls for surgical intervention.

In addition to impacted wisdom teeth, however, surgical extraction may also be recommended in the following instances:

  • A tooth that is too broken or fragile for simple tooth extraction, meaning your dentist cannot grasp the tooth’s crown firmly enough.
  • A tooth with fragile, curved, broken, or irregularly-shaped roots, which can make simple extraction difficult.
  • A broken piece of a root remains within the jawbone after a tooth has been extracted, also known as root tip removal.

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