bonurarootcanalWhat happens when your tooth develops an infection or abscess? In many cases, the only way to save your tooth is with an endodontic procedure commonly known as a root canal therapy. Despite the stories you may have heard, this is an important and often comfortable procedure designed to help save your smile. What is a root canal? A root canal is the best way to avoid extraction if you have a serious dental infection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Therapy

Question: How do our teeth become infected?

Answer: Infection occurs when harmful bacteria reach the inner pulp, or nerve center of the tooth. Advanced tooth decay or a chip/fracture can often allow this to occur. Without treatment, the infection may kill the pulp and effectively kill the tooth as well. The tooth will then require removal to avoid the spread of infection.

Question: When should I see a dentist?

Answer: When you experience discomfort in and around a tooth you should consider contacting a doctor. Common warning signs may include a toothache that persists after 48 hours or regular tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. Don’t ignore these warning signs and allow decay, or possibly even an infection, to worsen.

Question: What happens during endodontic treatment?

Answer: During the treatment the doctor administers a local anesthetic before opening the tooth and removing the infected tissue. The interior of the tooth and the root canals will then need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Afterward a restorative material s placed within the tooth. Finally, the doctor places a crown to complete the procedure.

Question: How will my tooth look afterward?

Answer: Yes. We will place a custom-made dental crown fabricated using lifelike materials. If you have any questions about endodontic treatment then contact our office today.