tipshelpfullightbulbHave you been feeling somewhat frazzled when it comes to finding ways to make your child’s dental hygiene fun? Perhaps you’re so concerned about making sure that your child brushes his or her teeth that trying to make it an enjoyable experience isn’t even on your radar yet. Good news: Making it fun can actually make the process go a bit more smoothly. If your child has a good time while brushing and flossing, chances are better that he or she will look forward to brush time.

Tip #1: Ease Your Little One Into It

Letting your child get more involved in the process may make dental hygiene feel a bit more special rather than simply like a chore. First, you may consider bringing your little one with you for your grocery shopping (or bringing home a variety of options and letting your child pick his or her toothbrush). Also helpful is to let your child hold the brush, play with it a bit, and see what it’s like to place it in his or her mouth as you supervise.

Tip #2: Get Favorite Stuffed Animals Involved

While watching you brush your teeth may be helpful, the knowledge that a favorite stuffed animal or doll has to partake in dental hygiene, too, can lighten the mood. Consider first “brushing” a beloved doll’s smile with a dry brush first, so your little one sees that this is a group effort.

Tip #3: Rely On Music

Adding some melody into your dental hygiene session can make for good fun for everyone. You might want to turn on the radio, turn on a favorite playlist, choose a song that makes everyone smile, dance while you brush, or even rely on a two-minute song as your brushing timer. When the song is over, the brushing is done.