preventionsignPerhaps when it comes to protecting your own smile as well as the grins of your family members, you begin to find yourself feeling somewhat frazzled. How to protect all of these teeth and all of that gum tissue, you may wonder to yourself? The good news is that practicing effective preventive care is a simple process provided that you are knowledgeable regarding the details. Not sure you know the best way to approach keeping everyone’s oral health in good shape? No problem. We can steer you in the right direction immediately with the essentials.

Essential #1: Brush Your Smile

Brush and then brush again every day. By brushing in the morning and again at night, you are providing your smile with the bulk of the preventive care that keeps your smile healthy. Don’t want gingivitis? Not interested in dealing with tooth decay and the required treatment of a dental filling? Keep your smile clean with this essential method and you’re doing yourself a major service.

Essential #2: Floss Your Smile

The second essential factor in protecting your smile with preventive dentistry is so simple: You should be flossing your teeth every single day. Just once a day. This makes sure that you get rid of debris and plaque between teeth and just beneath your gumline. Remember that even with thorough, attentive brushing, you will not be able to reach between teeth.

Essential #3: See Us Frequently

Don’t worry, keeping up with practicing excellent preventive dentistry does not mean you need to see us a lot. When we say “frequently” we simply mean that we would like to see you at least two times a year for your preventive visit (a dental checkup and a thorough exam). During this time we can offer exceptional protection for your smile by watching your smile over time and offering plaque and tartar removal.