smilegreenbackgroundDo you already understand that cosmetic dentistry is for patients who want better looking smiles – but you are curious about the details? If so, we always let our patients know that they should schedule a consultation to sit down and speak with us about the specifics, while we craft a care plan for their goals. For now, we would like you to think over some general qualifications that narrow down how to become a good candidate for a prettier smile.

Anyone Who Wants Improvement

If you are genuinely interested in achieving your best smile that will complement your features, we encourage you to consider cosmetic dentistry. From enjoying a smile that appears several shades whiter to achieving a more symmetrical or uniform appearance, cosmetic care is wonderful for someone who simply wants to improve the visual effect his or her smile has.

Someone With A Healthy Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is only for someone with a healthy smile. There is no reason to make an unhealthy smile look better until it is healthy again. Don’t worry – we will be glad to help you transform the look of your grin once we have assisted you in restoring your oral health.

Teens and Adults

In most cases, cosmetic dentistry offers treatment to teens and adults. This is because young smiles are generally still developing and are not yet affected by the natural wear-and-tear that affects more mature smiles. However, in certain instances (like a chipped tooth), we may offer a cosmetic treatment to a younger patient.