q&AfabricDo you feel like you’re beginning to get your bearings as far as your daily brushing is concerned? How about your flossing? We find that brushing is something that is very easy for patients to catch on to but flossing is often considered unnecessary or becomes an afterthought. We encourage you to consider a friendly, helpful Q&A session regarding your dental hygiene practices and floss, so you feel confident in your daily habits (and to ensure you keep your entire smile super healthy).

Questions and Answers: Dental Floss

Question: How often should I floss my teeth every day?

Answer: You need to floss at least once daily. However, you may floss more frequently if you wish.

Question: Do I need to floss my teeth before I brush my teeth? Or, do I need to wait to floss until I’ve just brushed?

Answer: This is up to you. Use your discretion regarding which method is more effective and efficient for your dental hygiene routine.

Question: Why do I need to floss? Can’t I just brush my teeth twice a day and leave my dental hygiene session at that?

Answer: Brushing alone is not enough because plaque and tiny bits of food will accumulate between your teeth and just under your gumline. While individual bristles that make their way between teeth might help a tiny bit, they will not offer comprehensive cleansing of these areas. Fortunately, floss offers exceptional removal of plaque and debris, protecting your smile from tooth decay and gingivitis.