factssignAre you someone who does as much as you can to keep your smile healthy? Do you practice preventive care according to our suggestions? If so, you may not be very familiar with restorative dentistry because it is the area of dental care that addresses and repairs problems. Issues may stem from accidental damage to hygiene-related disease or concerns. Allow us to provide you with an introduction, so you know that you have access to help when you need it.

Dental Fillings

The most common restorative dentistry procedure we offer is the dental filling. This is appropriate when you experience a cavity. You see, tooth decay leaves a hole in your tooth and will continue to destroy your tooth tissue. By allowing us to remove the disease and improve the structure of your tooth, you’re back to where you began: With a healthy, full, functional tooth. (Rest assured, we offer gorgeous tooth-colored fillings).

Dental Crowns

When a dental filling won’t quite cut it because your decay is severe, when you break a tooth, or when other forms of damage render your tooth in need of serious coverage and repair, we offer lifelike dental crowns (hollow, artificial teeth).

Replacement Teeth

Tooth loss may occur due to a variety of issues, from periodontal disease to accidental injury. We provide patients with restorative dentistry in the form of replacement teeth, such as bridges, dentures, or implants. Your complete smile awaits!

Root Canal Treatment

An infected tooth requires root canal treatment. Otherwise, the infection will worsen, spread, and your tooth will die as the infection damages nearby structures (and may enter your bloodstream). After a root canal, you will still have a tooth and your mouth will return to good health.