steps123markerHave you been wondering about the best way to protect your smile? What are you trying to avoid? Are you primarily concerned with disease-related issues, such as gum disease or tooth decay? Perhaps you have some anxiety about keeping your teeth strong and free of damage. Or, maybe you’ve been dealing with a functional issue like bruxism but you’re not sure how to make it stop. Good news: Preventive care is comprehensive and can help you address all of these concerns. Schedule a visit with us for a personalized plan.

#1: Protect It From Injuries

First, if you are worried about issues like structural damage, we encourage you to make simple preventive care steps that will keep your teeth intact. It’s easier than you might think:

  • Avoid eating foods that you consider extremely hard – your teeth are strong but they are not immune to chipping or breaking under too much pressure
  • Wear a sports mouth guard when you take part in activities that could potentially result in injury

#2: Protect It From Disease

Avoiding oral diseases is as simple as practicing consistent preventive care on a daily and long-term basis. Lucky for you, it’s very simple to achieve. First, make sure you are flossing once a day and brushing your smile two times daily (for two minutes for each and every brushing session). Then, come in to our office see us every six months for a dental cleaning as well as a dental checkup.

#3: Protect It From Yourself

It’s true – you can be the contributor that causes damage to your smile. This is common from bruxism (teeth grinding/teeth clenching) and TMJ disorder (jaw joint dysfunction). To avoid damaged teeth and jaw joints, we suggest you speak with us about oral appliance therapy, a preventive care solution that will relieve discomfort, while protecting your teeth and supportive structures from damage.