toothbrushandpasteYou know as a general rule that you should brush your teeth. However, when we say “brush your teeth twice a day,” do you assume we just mean to brush your teeth – but to avoid your gum tissue? Are you still unsure about whether you should focus on certain areas of your smile? How about your tongue? Should your dental hygiene focus on brushing your tongue, too? It may sound complicated but it really isn’t. Let’s make our way through some easy-to-following suggestions.

Brush All Tooth Tissue

When you brush your teeth, you should not just be focusing on the areas that you think get the most use – or the areas that are most visible. Instead, you should focus on ensuring your dental hygiene session addresses every single accessible surface of every single tooth. Make sure that your two-minute brushing session includes your chewing surfaces, the fronts and backs of your teeth, the sides of your teeth, and the tissue behind your very back teeth. Also, the tooth tissue just beneath your gumline – this is important, too. Hold your brush toward your gumline (a 45-degree angle is appropriate) and gently rock the brush to sweep debris away with swift motions.

Brush Your Tongue, As Well

You’re not done quite yet! Yes, you have successfully removed plaque and food debris from your teeth with your dental hygiene session – but bacteria are fond of your tongue surface, too. It is best to rid your mouth of as much bacteria and food particles as possible. Gently brush the surface of your tongue with your toothbrush and toothpaste – simply incorporate this into your usual sessions. It’s that easy.