womanwonderingheadbandIf you are one of the many patients who brushes and flosses just like we suggest – but you still deal with staining – you may be throwing your arms up in defeat. For someone who takes such care to keep your teeth and gums clean, why is your smile looking dim, brownish, yellowed, or otherwise, you may wonder? While it’s entirely possible for poor dental hygiene to contribute to discolored teeth, this is certainly not the culprit for you. Rest assured – there are some other contributing factors! Fortunately, regardless of the cause, we can always help you whiten your smile.

It Could Be Medication

In some instances, your discolored smile may be the result of medication. Certain medicines like tetracycline may lead to deep discoloration, often in the form of darkening. It is important to recognize that this is simply a side effect of the medicine and not something you are doing. In some instances, you may need to switch to a different medication. As for addressing the discoloration, we can camouflage the issue with porcelain veneers.

Discoloration May Be Caused By Trauma

When you experience significant trauma to a tooth, it may become discolored within. Again, this has nothing to do with dental hygiene and everything to do with the fact that an accident occurred. Whether your tooth looks a bit yellow, brown, or gray, we can transform its appearance with bonding, veneers, or a porcelain crown.

It’s Just A Fact Of Life

Guess what? Every year you get older and with aging comes natural side effects of the aging process. Included in that list is discoloration to your teeth. Even if you are a master of dental hygiene, your teeth may still become stained over time – we can treat this with teeth whitening.