toothfullwhiteAre you worried about experiencing tooth decay because you are completely unsure about what to expect from dental fillings? Perhaps you have gathered some general knowledge regarding this restorative treatment but there are a few aspects that still remain a mystery. First, recognize that while avoiding decay is the goal, it happens to nearly every person at least once during life. When it comes to fillings, you can actually feel confident about them – they repair your tooth with beautiful results. Let’s explore some details.

We Resolve The Decay Problem

When we place a dental filling, we begin by removing the decay that has formed within your tooth. Remember that the decay is a problem known as “progressive,” meaning that it’s going to continue to destroy your tooth if we do not treat it. Once we have treated the decay and placed the filling, the problem has been resolved.

Fillings Restore Tooth Structure

As you may have noticed, decay leaves a hole in your tooth. Unfortunately, damaged structure can make your tooth vulnerable to problems like infection (bacteria may be able to enter) and an increased chance of breaking. Fortunately, filling the opening will result in restored structure and a protected, stable tooth.

They’re Tooth Colored!

We offer what you may know as a “white” or “tooth-colored” filling at our practice. In addition to taking comfort in the fact that we will ensure your experience is completely relaxing, you can smile knowing your tooth will look beautiful, as well.