3goldYou are probably used to hearing us tell you to be consistent with your dental hygiene habits, to form a routine, and to maintain a steady schedule for your oral health. While consistency is generally essential to success regarding your smile and wellbeing, there are specific instances in which inconsistent choices are actually to your benefit. Ready to shake things up just a bit?

#1: When Taking Your Dentures (Or Clear Braces) Out

When you take your dentures out of your mouth or your clear braces aligner trays, you don’t want to grab the same spot over and over. If you consistently pull it out from the same point (perhaps you pull it from the front) you may end up causing some damage that can warp the device. Change it up and find a variety of ways to remove your device.

#2: With Your Diet

If you eat cookies for every meal, you aren’t going to turn into a cookie (as some may suggest) – but you’re not doing your oral health or your overall health any favors. Your body needs a varied diet (refer to the food pyramid!), so you get all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need for a healthy smile and a healthy body.

#3: When You Need An Extra Appointment

You likely have it burned into your brain that we need to see you twice a year, every six months, for a checkup and cleaning. However, it’s okay to call us for additional appointments if your oral health needs some help. So, don’t worry if one year you see us twice, the next year you see us four times, and the next year three times – being proactive is wonderful!