Month: June 2016

Secrets to Stronger, Healthier Teeth

Even though your teeth are protected by the strongest substance that your body produces—tooth enamel—they are still vulnerable to damage and disease and require your diligent care to remain strong and healthy. While there are several options for repairing damaged teeth, preventing dental issues from forming is the best defense against extensive tooth damage and… Read more »

Two Ways Stress Affects Your Teeth

You are probably aware that stress affects your body. It can affect your blood pressure, your weight, and your mood. Stress can also affect your teeth in two ways. The first is that it may cause you to snack more frequently, and on sweets. The second way it can affect your teeth is through night… Read more »

Simple Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Smile This Summer

Summer break is a great time to enjoy longer days and often more laidback schedules. After all, what feels better than an entire afternoon spent soaking in the pool, exploring a nearby park, or heading out on a marvelous adventure? Vacation time is often about letting go of the pressure to finally finish checking items… Read more »

How Good Are Your Hygiene Skills?

One thing has remained true throughout the entire history of dental care—prevention is your best chance at retaining your healthy, natural smile. Luckily, much of dentistry’s advancements have been in the art of dental hygiene, which is your daily routine aimed at preventing the processes that cause dental diseases. Today, we help you maximize your… Read more »