questionmarkblueIf you are someone dealing with a serious malocclusion (misaligned bite), such as an over bite, under bite, significant overcrowding, or otherwise, the only way to move your teeth into the correct position is to rely on orthodontics. However, if you are dealing with a misalignment that is mild in nature and that only affects the esthetics of your grin, cosmetic care can often create a straighter looking smile. Let’s explore some ways we can improve uniformity.

Getting Started

Schedule a cosmetic care consultation with us to begin. As a result, you can receive our diagnosis and suggestions for your smile, so you are certain about your options. This will take away any concern you have about whether or not you require orthodontic treatment.

Addressing Individual Concerns

You may have some issues that make you feel your smile doesn’t look straight when, in reality, the uneven appearance is due to other visual problems. For example, you may have one gently rotated tooth that we can address with contouring. You may have varying tooth lengths, which we can improve with bonding and/or contouring. Or, your smile may display uneven coloring, which we can fix with whitening – all easy cosmetic care repairs for a more uniform finish.

Creating A Straight Smile Façade

Perhaps it’s not just a tooth or two, a space here and there, or the shade of your smile. Maybe you are dealing with lots of little spaces, awkward tooth shape, different tooth lengths, some staining, or other problems that all add up to a smile that just doesn’t look straight and consistent. We can address all of these problems for a truly consistent, beautiful smile, with the use of one cosmetic care treatment: Porcelain veneers. The ultra-thin ceramic casings that we place over the visible part of your teeth will transform your entire smile.