bonura cavitiesHave you ever had a cavity? If so, then you probably know the experience isn’t very pleasant. Fortunately, your dentist can repair your tooth and return it to full function and health again. However, are there ways to avoid cavities? What can you do to protect your smile from tooth decay?

Common Questions About Avoiding Cavities

Question: Does it matter how we brush?

Answer: Yes. You should use a soft bristle toothbrush to avoid hurting your teeth if you brush too hard. You should also brush for no less than two minutes, reaching every available surface of your teeth. Approach them from a 45-degree angle. You should also clean the fronts of your teeth in small, circular motions.

Question: How often should we floss?

Answer: You should floss every night before you go to bed. This is even more important than brushing. Flossing removes the food stuck between your teeth, which toothbrush bristles may not reach. Removing these food particles reduces the severity of plaque buildup and protects your smile from cavities.

Question: Should we watch what we eat and drink?

Answer: Yes. Foods and drinks high in sugars and acids can weaken outer enamel, increasing the risk of tooth decay forming. We suggest avoiding candy, chocolates, chips and other sugary snacks. You should also drink more water and less soda, energy drinks, or sports drinks.

Question: How often should we see the dentist?

Answer: We recommend seeing the dentist once every six months for a checkup and cleaning. During the checkup the doctor can look for the earliest warning signs of cavities, treating the problem before you develop discomfort. A cleaning is the only way to completely remove plaque and tartar form the teeth, reduce the chances of developing tooth decay, as well as gum disease.