bonura denturesLosing several teeth, or all of them, is a serious oral health concern. In order to avoid further complications to your health and appearance, you should seek tooth replacement as soon as possible. We can offer dental prosthetics that restore your smile to complete function and health. Do you need a full or partial denture to enjoy a whole smile again?

The Impact of Tooth Loss

Losing multiple teeth can change how you eat. Suddenly, you are limited to a diet of soft foods, reducing your nutritional intake and hurting your overall health. You can also have trouble being understood when you speak. To avoid these complications, you should talk to your dentist about replacing your missing teeth.

Partial Prosthetic

A partial addresses multiple lost teeth, even if they are spread out across an arch. At this stage a prosthetic is crucial to avoid misalignment or further tooth loss, which can develop when you lose multiple teeth. The prosthetic contains replacement teeth, a gum-like base, and metal clasps that attach to natural teeth and anchor your new teeth in place. You can wear the partial for 5-10 years before it requires adjustment or possibly replacement.

Full Dentures

A full set of dentures replaces all of the teeth on one arch or both. The prosthetic is held in place with suction. You may also use a special adhesive. The prosthesis consists of an acrylic base designed to mimic the appearance of natural gum tissue and they contain a full row of lifelike replacement teeth. As with partials, they will require periodic adjustment or replacement as the shape of the mouth changes with time. If you have any questions or concerns about tooth replacement or our partial/full dentures, then please contact our office today.