Smile Again with a Dental ImplantAre you embarrassed to smile, even when you’re around your closest friends and family, all because your smile has been incomplete since you lost a tooth? Have you spent years, now, making do with dentures that have become ill-fitting or uncomfortable? Adult tooth loss can be a troubling experience, yet it does not have to mean the end of your smile, or even of your confidence. If you are looking for a comfortable way to restore your smile, why not talk to your restorative dentist abut the many benefits of dental implants, and how they can help get you back to enjoying your life confidently once again?

Reasons to Complete the Smile After Tooth Loss

Even when a missing tooth has not created cosmetic concern, it can still pose functional issues. For this reason it is important to seek restorative treatment, quickly, after tooth loss. In fact, there are a number of compelling reasons to complete one’s smile.

Tooth loss can cause remaining teeth to try to shift, in order to fill the gap that was created.

  • This can create alignment problems for any remaining teeth.
  • Without a healthy tooth root, the jaw can begin to shrink over time. This is because the jaw relies on nutrients, which are provided as one chews. Dental implants are actually the best way to prevent this jaw deterioration, because they are the only form of prosthetic dentistry that helps to replace both a missing tooth and its corresponding tooth root.
  • Dental implants also help provide functional and cosmetic benefits, when compared to many other prosthetic options, because the titanium post used to mimic the tooth root also provides a secure anchor for the replacement tooth.