Can A Dental Crown Improve Your Smile?Are you tired of suffering from dental discomfort, but worried about what will happen to your smile if you seek restorative treatment? Many people, especially those with existing metal fillings and crowns, are concerned by the cosmetic changes that can occur after dental restoration. Fortunately, modern restorations come in a variety of materials, many of which are designed to be more comfortable and confidence-inducing than the metal fillings and crowns that were once commonly used. In fact, porcelain crowns are one excellent way a dentist could help improve your smile’s comfort, and your overall confidence! 

Has a Cavity or Other Trauma Left a Tooth Badly Damaged? A Crown Could Help!

Cavities are the most common dental problem, one that will affect the vast majority of adults in America, and many school-aged children as well. Fortunately, even bad cavities can frequently be treated with seamless smile restorations, like porcelain crowns. Teeth that have been damaged through injuries, chipped or cracked while eating, and otherwise compromised can also be restored using crowns, in many cases.

That is because crowns are designed to help seal teeth from further erosion or wear, by helping to bear the brunt of force that is exerted as one chews. In doing so, the crown helps to keep the fragile tooth safe and in tact, beneath it.

Plus, since porcelain can be carefully crafted to match a patient’s natural smile, the resulting dental restoration should be nearly seamless, allowing for confidence as one chews, but also as he or she smiles!