Replace Missing Teeth with Restorative Dentistry?Did you recently lose a tooth or have one extracted? If so you might be feeling overwhelmed by what to do now or even worried about the future of your smile. Sadly, after tooth loss, many adults struggle with misalignment and poor nutrition, because of discomfort or difficulty chewing, due to either their incomplete smile or in some cases ill-fitting prosthetics. Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry is designed to help patients address tooth loss in cosmetically-pleasing and comfortable ways, so that they can smile again and enjoy their meals, instead of struggling with embarrassment or frustration caused by adult tooth loss. So, whether you recently lost a tooth or have an extraction scheduled, or if you are finally ready to do something about your ill-fitting dental prostheses, why not speak with your dentist about the benefits of the modern restorative options?

Dentures, Partial and Full, Are A Fast Solution

Dentures, both partial and full, continue to be a popular way for many patients to address tooth loss. Benefits of dentures include the ability to choose between a partial denture, to complete a smile after the loss of a single tooth or a few, or complete or full dentures for addressing the loss of an entire arch of teeth, such as the top or bottom of the smile.
Dentures are also one of the fastest and most affordable forms of replacement teeth. However, they do come with limitations, namely that they are not secured to the smile, so some patients find they can shift or simply become concerned about them moving during meals.

To help resolve this issue, many dentists recommend either dental bridges or dental implants, which can be used to anchor partial and full dentures more securely.