Can You Avoid Problems with Preventive Care?Do you ever wonder what more you could be doing to care for your smile, namely to prevent cavities and other dental problems? If so, have you already heeded the advice of your family’s preventive dentist, about how to properly protect your smile and your oral health, in general? The great news is that dental care doesn’t have to be difficult or even time consuming. There are a number of simple ways you can help prevent cavities and other issues. It just requires a combination of healthy habits, at-home, and routine professional care!

Are You Brushing and Flossing Daily?

One of the best ways you can protect your smile is simply by adhering to a diligent dental hygiene routine. This should include twice daily brushing, but also daily flossing, which the vast majority of adults overlook. Flossing removes more of the bacteria stuck in the small crevices in between the teeth, so don’t skip this key preventive step.

How Is Your Diet?

A healthy, well-balanced diet is also a great help in keeping your smile healthy. That is because the teeth need nutrients to stay strong, but they also need you to limit your sugar intake, lest you allow the bacteria in your mouth to feed on great amounts of sugars and then to produce acidity.

Drinking water is another way to protect your smile, as it can help gently rinse teeth between brushings, and is also key to saliva production, which helps to create a natural defense against plaque buildup.

When Was the Last Time You Saw the Dentist?

Finally, professional care is key to a healthy smile. That is because tartar buildup can only be removed through professional cleanings. For this reason, most people need to visit the dentist at least twice a year for cleanings, in order to help protect against cavities and other problems.