Cosmetic Dentistry Can Create a Brighter SmileDo you feel like you spend more time trying to hide your teeth than you do smiling? Are you hesitant to pose for pictures, or even to spend time with friends, because of insecurities about your smile? If your insecurity is due to staining and discoloration on the surface of your teeth, have you tried to address the issue before? Many people turn to over-the-counter products when they notice their teeth are looking discolored, or even dingy. Yet few OTC products can create the kind of noticeable results for which professional teeth whitening is prized. So, if you are ready to do something to address the imperfections, at last, so you can start smiling confidently, it could be time to speak with a cosmetic dentist about whether or not professional whitening treatment could be what you really need in order to enjoy a more beautiful and even brilliant smile?

What Makes Professional Whitening Treatment So Special?

Unlike alternatives, like the dental care products you see on drugstore shelves which claim to whiten teeth, professional whitening through a cosmetic dentist is designed specifically to create effective results, quickly, so you can enjoy a visibly brighter smile in very little time. Most OTC products, on the other hand, such as whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes and other care items, are only able to lighten teeth slightly, and often over extended periods of use. For fast results, then, such as whitening before a wedding, graduation, holiday party or other special occasion, it is often best to opt for professional whitening.