Do You Need Restorative Dentistry?Are you worried that you could be struggling with an undiagnosed dental problem, such as a cavity or even a crack? While some dental problems are visible, and others create symptoms that can be easily felt or otherwise noticed, many times people suffer from poor oral health for months without any noticeable indications that their smiles could be in serious jeopardy. It can be helpful to remember that while the teeth are strong they are still vulnerable to acidic erosion and other damage, and since teeth also lack the ability to repair themselves, the way some parts of the body can, restorative dentistry is needed to repair the damage that can be created by a variety of dental problems. So, if you have neglected preventive care, in the past, or are overdue for your latest dental appointment, it is time to ask yourself, “Could your teeth be in need of restorative dentistry?”

Are Your Teeth Showing Warning Signs of Trouble?

If your teeth are already showing signs of acidic erosion, such as deep discoloration or even white patches on the surface of the teeth, these are clear indicators that you could be struggling with an undiagnosed dental cavity in need of a dental filling. Yet, these are just a few potential warning signs of oral health threats, many of which are more subtle, or easily overlooked.

Sensitivity, for instance, is common when enjoying hot or cold beverages or foods. However, heightened sensitivity can be another warning sign of dental decay.

Chronic dry mouth and/or bad breath can also be indication that the smile could be in trouble. So pay attention to changes in your smile, and schedule checkups when your smile could require restorative dentistry.