If Your Smile Could Talk Sure, your smile is essential to being able to speak, chew, smile, laugh and more. But do you ever find yourself wondering what your smile would say if it could talk to you? For instance, what would it be that keeps your teeth awake at night, or the pressing problem your gums wish they could speak to you about? Fortunately, your preventive dentist is an excellent mouthpiece for both your teeth and gums. By heeding a dentist’s advice, you can give your smile the care it needs, and the kind it would ask for, you know, if it could talk for itself!

Schedule More Checkups and Cleanings

If you’re not seeing the dentist at least twice a year, your smile likely wishes that you were. It does not take long for food and bacteria, to create visible tartar buildup on the surface of teeth. Worse, this buildup can easily cause acidic erosion that can create cavities, and eventually painful tooth infections. Prevent worsening issues by simply making preventive checkups and cleanings a priority. This means visiting the dentist at least bi-annually, though if you seem prone to cavities you might require quarterly cleanings, instead.

Please Don’t Go to Bed Without Brushing

Occasionally skipping out on brushing or flossing might not seem like a big deal, but even going to bed with dirty teeth a few times can increase your likelihood of developing cavities. That is because it only takes 48 hours for plaque bacteria to start to calcify. Within a few days, this can lead to tartar buildup.

Avoid potential problems by making sure you brush and floss every single day, without fail. It won’t take long, and it can actually save you both time and money on restorative treatment down the road. Preventive checkups and cleanings are also important, though, for keeping teeth clean and healthy.