Avoid Cavities in 2017Did you spend a little more time in a dentists’ chair in 2016 than you would have liked? Specifically, did you have to make several restorative appointments to address dental decay, like that characteristic of pesky cavities? While fillings are a fast and minimally invasive way to treat cavities, what is even better than restoring teeth is keeping them healthy, in the first place. So, have you started thinking about what you can do to spend 2017 enjoying better oral health, namely a beautiful and cavity-free smile? The good news is that cavity prevention, and overall smile protection isn’t difficult, costly or even time consuming. You just need to form some healthy habits, and make smart decisions when it comes to caring for your smile.

Add Flossing to Your Daily Routine

Flossing is one of the easiest ways to protect your teeth, yet unlike brushing, most people don’t floss on a regular basis. If you really want to prevent cavities and other oral health problems, simply adding this simple act to your dental hygiene routine can greatly improve your likelihood of avoiding cavities.

What About Water?

Did you know that drinking water is another surprisingly simple way to care for your smile? That is because water helps the body to produce saliva, which is actually a natural defense against tartar buildup, because it helps to limit plaque’s ability to stick to the surface of the teeth. So, in 2017, why not skip out on that daily soda habit, and reach for water instead. Your smile, and likely your waistline, will thank you!

Don’t Forget to See the Dentist

If you don’t make routine preventive visits a priority, you are far more likely to struggle with acidic erosion that can leave your teeth sensitive, and eventually lead to cavity development. Fortunately, dental exams and cleanings are an affordable and fast way to protect the smile. Just make sure you are scheduling at least bi-annual visits, to best protect your oral health!