Month: January 2017

What’s the Big Deal with Sugar and Dental Health?

Dental hygiene is a great way to care for your smile. Visiting the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings is also essential to great oral health. But have you thought about how your dietary choices are also impacting your teeth and gums? What you eat and drink plays a huge role in your smile’s health,… Read more »

Address Those Dental Problems with Prompt Restorative Action

Have you been suffering from sensitivity or downright pain, lately, because of an undiagnosed dental issue? Many people struggle with tooth pain for weeks or even months, without seeking treatment, often hoping that, with time, the issue will simply resolve itself. While the teeth are strong, they are still susceptible to damage, such as chips,… Read more »

Want Bright White Teeth? Professional Whitening Can Help

You know that feeling you get when see that your freshly laundered load of whites is still looking a bit, dingy? You know the towels and sheets are clean, but they don’t look it. Luckily, when it comes to the laundry, you probably know that a touch of bleach can help revive your products, helping… Read more »

Do Kids Need Dental Care Too?

As an adult you may have set a great many resolutions, for yourself, involving your overall health, or more particularly trying to get in better shape. You might even have specific goals for your smile, this year, as well. For instance, you might want to avoid cavities through proper preventive care, or to schedule professional… Read more »