Brighter Smile with Cosmetic DentistryYou know that feeling you get when see that your freshly laundered load of whites is still looking a bit, dingy? You know the towels and sheets are clean, but they don’t look it. Luckily, when it comes to the laundry, you probably know that a touch of bleach can help revive your products, helping to make them look brighter, whiter, and even newer! Well, teeth whitening is a lot like bleaching your whites. It can help to dramatically lighten and brighten your smile, quickly, so you can enjoy noticeably lighter teeth. Best of all, it is safe and effective, so you can enjoy the cosmetic benefits without worrying about the impact treatment is having on your teeth’s precious enamel.

How Is Professional Teeth Whitening Different?

Unlike over-the-counter products, many of which are only really made to lighten teeth slightly, and often with extended use, professional teeth whitening is designed with fast and effective results in mind. Through the use of professional-grade whitening products, a cosmetic dentist can help most patients lighten their teeth quickly, with minimal sensitivity to the gum tissue, and also without damaging the teeth’s enamel.

What Kind of Results Can You Enjoy?

Many patients that choose professional whitening treatment enjoy smiles that are up to eight shades lighter. Your dentist might offer in-office and at-home treatment, options, too, so you can choose what best suits your smile goals, your timeframe for treatment, and your budget.

Just keep in mind that for great results, and safe ones, it’s important to start with a clean smile. If you are overdue for a preventive checkup and cleaning, it’s best to start with a cleaning, then schedule your whitening treatment.