Improve Your Smile with Restorative DentistryHave you been suffering from sensitivity or downright pain, lately, because of an undiagnosed dental issue? Many people struggle with tooth pain for weeks or even months, without seeking treatment, often hoping that, with time, the issue will simply resolve itself. While the teeth are strong, they are still susceptible to damage, such as chips, cracks, and the most common issue, cavities. Sadly, the teeth cannot repair themselves the ways other parts of the body can, so if an issue does develop it is likely to only worsen over time. Fortunately, if you do find yourself struggling with an issue, prompt restorative treatment could likely save your tooth, and it could certainly prevent worsening issues for your smile.

Don’t Ignore Sensitivity or Discomfort

While many people think of sensitivity as common and therefore not an issue of concern, that is actually a dangerous dental belief. Heightened or disturbing sensitivity is often a common warning sign of dental decay, like the kind characteristic of dental cavities. Without treatment, decay can lead to painful tooth infections that could require root canal therapy or even extraction. Treated promptly, however, most teeth affected by cavities can be restored with a simple dental filling, or sometimes a dental crown.

Prompt Treatment Can Help to Save Teeth

With any dental issue, prompt detection and restorative treatment is the best way to help prevent worsening discomfort or the need for extensive restoration. Fillings and crowns are just two of the quick ways a dentist can help protect a damaged tooth.