Got a Cavity? Restoration Could HelpHave you begun suffering from moderate to severe tooth sensitivity? Is it becoming hard to enjoy meals, snacks, or even drinks, without dental discomfort? If so, you could be suffering from dental caries, or as they are more commonly called, cavities! Sadly, the vast marjoity of adults in America will be diagnosed with cavities. Some studies indicate that over 90 percent of the people over 30-years-old in America will suffer with dental decay, and close to 30 percent of school-aged children will also suffer from cavities. Fortunately, modern restorative treatments make it possible to bounce back from most cavities, with comfortable and natural-looking results. So if you are suffering from sensitivity, stop settling, and start talking to your dentist about how restoration could help.

Know the Warning Signs of Dental Decay

It is important to pay attention to changes in your smile, since these are common indicators of dental problems, including cavities. Sensitivity and discomfort are just some warning signs of trouble. Discoloration, including white patches on the surface of teeth, or dark lines along the crevices, can also indicate that the teeth’s enamel has been damaged.

Could a Tooth-colored Filling Correct Your Smile?

In many cases, cavities can be effectively addressed through the use of simple dental fillings. Fillings can be completed quickly, often in a few hours or less, and with minimally invasive treatment.

Plus, modern fillings can be made of a composite resin material that can be shaded and sculpted to create natural-looking and comfortable restorations, since the resin conducts less heat than metal.