Month: March 2017

How Often Do You Grind Your Teeth?

Do you catch yourself grinding your teeth during the day, sometimes unsure of how long you’ve been doing it? Does your sleeping partner complain of the noise that you make when you grind your teeth at night? If you grind your teeth often, then you may suffering from bruxism—an uncontrollable urge to grind your teeth… Read more »

How Can I Prevent Dental Problems?

Did you spend far more time getting dental fillings last year than you would ever care to admit? The sad truth is that nearly 90 percent of adults in America will be diagnosed with dental cavities. Nearly a third of school-aged children will also struggle with tooth decay. Fortunately, cavities and other dental problems are… Read more »

The Facts About Root Canal Treatment

A tooth’s root extends below your gums and into your jawbone, and the canal inside of it carries your tooth’s nerves and blood vessels from your jaw into the tooth’s pulp chamber. The point of the tooth’s root is to allow your jawbone to supply your tooth with vital minerals and nutrients, as well as… Read more »

Is It Time to Update Your Prostheses?

Are you tired of avoiding many of your favorite foods, like steak, nuts and even apples, because of an ill-fitting or uncomfortable dental prostheses? Over time, even once great fitting dentures can become uncomfortable, because of changes in the smile’s alignment or even shrinking of the jaw. This can make mealtimes less enjoyable, and even… Read more »

Can Your Smile Imperfections Be Corrected with Cosmetic Dentistry?

Do you hate having your photo taken, all because of imperfections in your smile? Are you tired of looking in the mirror and disliking the smile staring back at you? Ever find yourself dreaming about how much more confident you would feel, if only you had a more dazzling smile? If so, stop feeling embarrassed… Read more »