Is It Time to Update Your Prostheses?Are you tired of avoiding many of your favorite foods, like steak, nuts and even apples, because of an ill-fitting or uncomfortable dental prostheses? Over time, even once great fitting dentures can become uncomfortable, because of changes in the smile’s alignment or even shrinking of the jaw. This can make mealtimes less enjoyable, and even smiling can cause insecurity. Fortunately, there are several ways a restorative dentist could help you update your smile with a modern prostheses. That way you can get back to more important things than worrying about your smile, like actually enjoying your life and your favorite foods.

Consider a Secure Alternative to Unsupported Dentures

While unsupported dentures can help to complete a smile for several years before requiring replacement, some patients find them uncomfortable since they can shift during chewing. For added security, dentists often recommend replacing teeth with either dental bridges or dental implants, both of which can help to complete smiles and increase a patient’s confidence.

Bridges use crowns affixed to remaining teeth to hold a replacement tooth in place, while implants involve surgically inserting posts into the jaw to help mimic the role of a healthy tooth root. This post is biocompatible so that soft tissue can grow right around it, allowing for security and comfort.

Don’t Delay Smile Completion

Addressing tooth loss quickly can help to prevent misalignment of remaining teeth, which tend to shift when a gap has been created. It can also improve comfort and efficiency when chewing. Implants can also help to supply nutrients to the jaw, which prevents shrinking.

Complete Your Smile Securely!

If you are in need of a replacement tooth, it’s time to talk to your restorative dentist. You can schedule a consultation with Silver City, NM dentist, Dr. Bonura, by calling (575) 534-3699, today.