A tooth’s root extends below your gums and into your jawbone, and the canal inside of it carries your tooth’s nerves and blood vessels from your jaw into the tooth’s pulp chamber. The point of the tooth’s root is to allow your jawbone to supply your tooth with vital minerals and nutrients, as well as offer structural support for your tooth as you bite and chew. When tooth infection reaches your tooth’s pulp or its root canal, treating the infection is the only way to save the tooth. The fact is, root canal treatment may be your last option for saving the tooth and avoiding the need to extract and replace it.

Did You Know?

  • The infection in your tooth that necessitates root canal treatment is known as tooth decay—the cause behind cavity development. If decay reaches the tooth’s pulp, then a filling won’t be able to treat it and you will need to undergo root canal therapy.
  • While the presence of tooth decay is a common precursor to root canal treatment, you might also need the procedure if your tooth is cracked or broken severely enough to expose its pulp tissues. The treatment can avoid internal infection by removing the vulnerable tissues and restoring the tooth’s damage.
  • Whether your need for root canal treatment results from tooth infection or significant damage, your tooth may be significantly weaker after your procedure. Because your tooth structure won’t heal or grow back, your dentist will likely suggest placing a dental crown over it for improved long-term protection.
  • If you hesitate to receive root canal treatment and your tooth decay continues to spread, it may be too late to save the tooth by the time you seek treatment. If so, then your dentist may suggest extracting the tooth to save the rest of your oral health.

Find Out if You Need Root Canal Treatment

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