Is It Really Safe to Whiten Your Teeth with Home Products?Have you been wishing for a whiter smile, but not sure the best way to go about actually achieving one? Perhaps you have used over-the-counter whitening products in the past, but been unhappy with the results. If you have spent anytime on Pinterest you might also have noticed the many at-home remedies that claim household products can lighten teeth. Unfortunately, some of these can do more harm than good. So, if you do want a whiter smile, it’s important to seek cosmetic treatment that will be both effective and more importantly safe for your smile!

Want a Brighter Smile? Be Careful How You Go About Achieving It

While some household products like lemon or hydrogen peroxide might be able to lighten teeth slightly, many forms of whitening can actually be damaging to the teeth’s enamel, especially those done at-home. Over time, this damage can actually leave the layer beneath the enamel exposed. This second layer, the dentin, can be yellow-looking. It is also more sensitive, which is why many people experience discomfort after developing cavities.

Over-the-counter products bearing the seal of approval from the FDA are safer for teeth, yet they may not be able to create the dramatic results desired.

Enjoy Dramatic Enhancements with Professional Whitening Treatment

Fortunately, unlike many home remedies, which are often too harsh to safely lighten the enamel, professional teeth whitening is designed to be safe and effective, allowing for dramatically lighter teeth, without causing damage to the enamel. This stands in stark contrast to many popular home remedies that rely on household products that while safe as cleaners or even foods, may be too abrasive for using specifically on the teeth. Professional teeth whitening treatment can generally lighten teeth between five and eight shades for many patients, allowing for dramatic results, while still being safe.

Want to Schedule Cosmetic Treatment?

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