Got a Dental Problem? Seek a Seamless Smile SolutionOver the last few weeks, has it become increasingly difficult to enjoy your meals, or even sips of your favorite drinks, because of dental discomfort? If so, you might be tempted to ignore the pain, hoping it will simply go away on its own. Unfortunately, most dental issues will only worsen if untreated. That’s because the teeth, while strong, aren’t able to repair themselves. So the longer you wait to seek restorative treatment, the more severe the issue will likely become. You can avoid the need for extensive issues, though, by talking to your dentist about how a seamless smile solution could help restore your smile!

Don’t Settle for Discomfort or Ugly Restorations

While metal dental restorations were once common, many dentists know offer alternatives that are both more natural-looking, and also more comfortable for many patients.

For instance, if you are struggling with a dental cavity, the dentist will likely recommend a dental filling. Fillings are a fast and minimally invasive way to help prevent further acidic erosion, as well as potential infections. Plus, modern fillings can be made to blend nearly seamlessly within the smile, thanks to composite resin, which is durable but also natural-looking.
In the case of damage, like chipped or cracked teeth, a crown might be recommended instead. Crowns can be even longer-lasting, thanks to porcelain’s strength. Yet they still represent a beautiful-looking way to restore a smile and protect the teeth.

Enjoy A Natural-looking Restoration

Just remember, the longer you wait to have your dental problems treated, the more likely the condition is to worsen. This can lead to the need for root canal treatment or even extraction. So if you are experiencing sensitivity or dental pain, it is best to schedule a restorative visit as soon as possible.

Need a Dentist to Restore Your Smile?

Restorative dentistry doesn’t have to be obvious. You can schedule a restorative consultation about a seamless smile solution by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.