A Dental Implant Could Help You Bounce Back from Adult Tooth LossHave you been struggling to chew comfortably ever since you lost a tooth? What about smiling? Are you too embarrassed to show your smile, since it has become incomplete? The great news is that modern dental prostheses make it possible to do more than just cope with tooth loss; they make it possible to fully rebound from it. So if you are ready to enjoy renewed confidence, why not talk to your restorative dentist about how a dental implant could help complete your smile?

Don’t Continue Struggling with an Incomplete Smile

While tooth loss might initially seem like a primarily cosmetic issue, there are actually several important reasons to address tooth loss. First, remaining teeth often try to shift to fill created gaps. This can lead to worsening issues chewing, as well as a general sense of discomfort.

It can even create jaw-related issues, like Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and bruxism, or subconscious teeth grinding, which can both be the result of poor teeth alignment.

Enjoy the Benefits Only Implants Can Offer

While there are a number of dental prostheses that make it possible to complete the smile, dental implants are considered the most permanent and secure option for a number of reasons. Implants are the only prostheses that utilize biocompatible pieces to help replace missing tooth roots. These mimic roots provide a secure base on which a replacement tooth can be affixed, but they also help to supply nutrients to the jaw, allowing it to retain its shape over time. This mimic root can also be used in conjunction with a single replacement tooth, a partial or full denture or even a dental bridge.

Ready to Complete Your Smile?

Restorative treatment can help to address tooth loss with beautiful and functional results. You can schedule a prosthetic consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.