Ready to Address Your Dental Problems? Ask about Seamless Smile SolutionsHave you long loved starting each morning with a hot cup of coffee? If so, you may be deeply disappointed to notice tooth sensitivity making it difficult to enjoy this part of your daily routine. Tooth sensitivity and discomfort are common symptoms of dental cavities, which happen to be the most prevalent dental issue in the country. Fortunately, if you are struggling with a cavity, your dentist can likely use a minimally invasive treatment, like a dental filling, to help restore your comfort, quickly. Perhaps best of all, though, modern dental fillings are designed to be both comfortable and cosmetically pleasing. That means you could be enjoying your cup of coffee, and smiling proudly about it too!

Enjoy Your Smile’s Comfort

Dental restorations are important when teeth have become eroded or otherwise damaged, because the teeth aren’t able to repair themselves when the enamel has been compromised. Because the layer beneath the enamel is more sensitive, heightened sensitivity is one of the most common warning signs of cavities, as well as other dental problems.

Fortunately, in the case of most cavities, dental fillings provide a fast and effective solution for both helping to eliminate the discomfort, and just as importantly, preventing infection. Without treatment, the tooth is likely to become exposed to bacteria, which could eventually lead to a painful tooth infection.

Improve Your Confidence with a Natural-looking Restoration

Modern dental fillings, and crowns for that matter, are designed with patients’ comfort and their confidence, in mind. In fact, composite resin fillings and porcelain crowns are two restorative options that are nearly seamless in nature. So, if you find yourself in need of restorative dental treatment, why not ask your dentist about whether one of these aesthetically-pleasing solutions could be right for your smile?

Ready for restorative treatment?

Dr. Caytlyn Bonura  offers a number of restorative treatments to help improve comfort and prevent infection. To schedule a restorative appointment with Dr. Bonura, call Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, at (575) 534-3699. We also proudly welcome patients from Lordsburg, Bayard, Deming, and all surrounding communities.