Do You Know the Symptoms of Gum Disease?If you care about keeping your smile healthy, then you may already be taking several steps to protect your teeth. You might avoid staining beverages, and brush consistently twice a day. Unfortunately, even in their fine efforts to protect their smiles, many people forget to care for their gums. The gums are essential to good oral health. They can even impact one’s overall health, as well, given their connection to the bloodstream. Fortunately, by knowing what to watch for, when it comes to gum disease, you can help to better care for your gum tissue and decrease the likelihood that your smile will need for restorative treatment.

Pay Attention to Your Gums

The gums, like the teeth, often show warning signs when they are in trouble. By paying attention to your gum tissue, and seeking dental care when there are warning signs of issues, you can help to reduce your risk of developing gum disease.

Healthy gums should be light pink in color, tight to the teeth, and not easily irritated or inflamed. If you are suffering from gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, you might notice that your gums have started to appear a dark red or purple color, even if only in some areas of the mouth. The gums might also be visibly inflamed, show signs of pulling away from the teeth, or easily irritated. In fact, gums that begin bleeding while brushing or flossing is a common indicator of gingivitis.

Seek Treatment If You Could Have Gingivitis

If you are exhibiting signs of gum disease, it is best to schedule a dental visit as soon as possible. When caught and treated early, the symptoms may be reversible through a simple dental cleaning. That said, many patients suffering from gingivitis find that a series of deeper, periodontal cleanings are necessary to restore their oral health.

Ready to schedule preventive treatment?

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