Could You Need Restorative Dental Treatment?Taking care of one’s smile through regular dental cleanings and good hygiene at-home, should help to protect the teeth and gums against common ailments, like cavities. That said, if you do find yourself struggling with dental discomfort or any other warning signs of dental problems, it’s important to see the dentist as soon as possible. Prompt restorative action can be mean the difference between a simple filling helping to treat a cavity, versus the need for a root canal treatment becoming necessary. So, if you want to avoid the need for extensive treatment measures, it’s important to know the signals your sign could be giving, that it’s time to schedule restorative treatment.

I’ve noticed increased tooth sensitivity lately.

One of the most common symptoms of dental problems is moderate to heightened tooth sensitivity. While some sensitivity when enjoying meals or drinks is not uncommon, if it seems more severe lately, or has progressed to discomfort or pain, restorative treatment is very likely in order.

Restorations, like dental fillings, help to eliminate exposure to food and bacteria that can cause sensitivity.

I was involved in an accident that impacted my teeth.

If you are involved in any kind of accident or trauma involving your smile, it’s best to schedule a restorative appointment as quickly as possible. Your teeth could be intrinsically damaged, even without any indication that they were harmed.

Dental x-rays are often needed to correctly diagnosed damage after an incident when the teeth have been impacted.

My breath smells bad all the time.

Chronic bad breath can be far more than annoying. It can actually be a warning sign of a dental issues, such as a cavity, infection, or even gum disease. All can cause bacteria to leave a sour taste or bad breath in your mouth, no matter how much you brush your teeth , chew gum, or even use mouthwash. A dental checkup and cleaning, is likely the best way to determine the cause of the offensive odor, and also to determine if a form of restorative treatment is necessary.

Need  Restorative Dentistry?

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