Should You See the Dentist Before School Starts?The end of summer can certainly feel bittersweet. You may be sad to say goodbye to extra pool time, park visits and backyard picnics. However, the start of school is often exciting in its own right, particularly if you will soon get to cheer your kids on in extracurricular activities, from marching band to soccer matches. Before your family’s schedule kicks into high gear, though, have you considered scheduling preventive dental visits for the whole family? Exams and cleanings are necessary to keeping smiles healthy. If you hurry, you can likely get your family’s bi-annual appointments tackled before the bustle of the school year begins.

Why Preventive Care Is Key for All Ages

Some parents may not realize that even when kids have only baby teeth, preventive dentistry is still crucial. Proper preventive care can help your kids avoid the discomfort or pain associated with many dental problems. Plus, protecting baby teeth can prevent the need for restorative treatments, as well as the premature loss of tooth, which can create alignment issues for permanent teeth.

Take Advantage of Summer Break By Scheduling Visits, Now

If you call soon, you could likely still get your kids in to see the family dentist before another school year begins. That said, just make sure you are setting a good dental care example, by getting your own smile checked and cleaned regularly.

Most adults and kids, alike, should be getting their teeth cleaned at least twice a year! So if you all visit the family dentist, now, you could likely schedule your follow-up visits during winter break.

Does Your Family Need Dental Care?

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