Are You Flossing Regularly? You Should BeDo you want to protect your teeth and gums from dental problems like cavities and even gum disease? If so, you may have already vowed to see your dentist at least twice this year, for professional cleanings. But, are you doing all you can in between those visits to actually prevent problems? From dental hygiene to your diet, there are a number of ways you can protect your smile, and one of the best is flossing!

Flossing Helps to Remove Plaque Buildup

Flossing is a simple, fast and affordable part of a dental hygiene routine, and yet many adults admit to failing to floss on an even semi-regular basis. Unfortunately, failing to floss even once can contribute to tartar buildup.

Plaque bacteria in the mouth need only 24 hours on the teeth to create hardened tartar. Once this calcified tartar has developed, it can then only be removed through a professional dental cleaning.

Brushing helps to remove plaque from the surface of the teeth, but flossing can help to remove even more bacteria, because it can reach between the teeth.

When you don’t floss daily, dentists estimate that approximately 1/3 of the teeth’s surface remain uncleaned. Over time, this can lead to severe tartar development, the kind that can lead to both dental cavities and quite possibly gum disease.

It Doesn’t Take Much for Tartar to Form

Again, it takes only a day for tartar to develop. You can help prevent this, though, by both brushing and flossing every single day. Flossing should only take a few minutes, and it should not cause discomfort or pain. The American Dental Association can even help you learn proper flossing technique, through instructional videos provided online.

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