Month: November 2017

Stop That Hard Brushing ASAP!

You shouldn’t be brushing so hard! We know that when you follow logic, some seriously aggressive brush strokes may sound like a smart plan. You might also think that harder, quicker brushing is best. However, this is simply not right at all. If you’re a hard brusher, your dental hygiene isn’t going to lead to… Read more »

Family Mouthwash Q & A

When you hear the word “mouthwash” do you think mint, fresh, swish, spit? Mouthwashes can contribute to good oral care, although they can’t replace good brushing and flossing habits. Consumers can now choose from products including mouth rinses and mouthwash, with additional terms like natural, clinical, antimicrobial and sugar-free thrown in for good measure. You… Read more »

Decay: 3 Things You’re Not Quite Right About

When you know a little bit about tooth decay, you know that it’s not a good thing. You know that it’s a problem that will mean you need a treatment like a filling, so your tooth is healthy again. While you may know the main facts, you might not know so much about the finer… Read more »

Contouring: Kiss Your Problems (And Fears) Goodbye!

When you’re staring at your smile and you notice there are rough areas, a tooth that sticks out above the rest, and other areas you wish you could smooth away, you may want to learn more about dental contouring. It’s often a very easy and extremely effective way to see the impressive results you want…. Read more »

Bonding FAQs: Answers You’d Like To Have!

There’s a lot to learn when you’re starting to investigate the world of cosmetic improvements for your smile. On the surface, you understand as you begin becoming familiar with dental bonding that it can help you when you’re a bit deficient with dental tissue or if there’s something you need to cover up with our… Read more »