Month: December 2017

Special Care for Little Smiles

From the single-toothed smile of an infant, to the gap-toothed smile of a grade schooler waiting on the tooth fairy, young smiles benefit from dental visits. A family dentist is an ideal person to provide dental care for all ages. At about age one (or whenever teeth begin to show from the gums) it is… Read more »

Don’t Break A Tooth This Christmas!

One of the last things you’re thinking about this season is breaking a tooth. Instead, you’re focused on all the merriment that will be going on! Unfortunately, a lot of that fun can actually lead to a tooth that’s no longer intact (or that ends up chipped) if you aren’t careful. For instance, certain foods… Read more »

Dental Fillings: Did You Know You Can Like Them?

In order to like something, it has to have some type of benefits that put a smile on your face. When you think about dental fillings, it is quite possible that you cannot come up with any advantage that would actually make you feel like grinning. We understand. Dealing with decay and repairs can feel… Read more »

Tooth Loss: 3 Consequences You Can Avoid

You’re already dealing with figuring out how to manage your smile and oral health after tooth loss. What you don’t want (and what you might not realize is headed your way) is any type of complication due to the loss of your teeth. “What type of problem could possibly happen that’s so serious?” you may… Read more »