You’re already dealing with figuring out how to manage your smile and oral health after tooth loss. What you don’t want (and what you might not realize is headed your way) is any type of complication due to the loss of your teeth. “What type of problem could possibly happen that’s so serious?” you may ask yourself. Let’s cover some common issues that can arise if you choose to avoid replacement.

Consequence #1: Decay

You’re not going to end up with tooth decay just because you are missing teeth. You may, however, end up with decay and other problems if it turns out that caring for a smile with openings in it becomes surprisingly difficult. Food might become trapped more frequently, for instance. Replace teeth after tooth loss to avoid this problem.

Consequence #2: Moving Teeth

It’s not a magic trick. Your teeth will really begin to move when you experience tooth loss. It’s as though they are compensating by attempting to fill up all of the open areas in your smile. So, they move in the direction of the open sockets. The result? You might find yourself with a new, not so pleasing misalignment.

Consequence #3: Problems With Function

Your teeth used to fit together in a particular way before tooth loss, which was beneficial for eating, speaking, and doing so comfortably and effectively. Without all of your teeth, that balance may no longer exist. Unfortunately, functional issues lead to serious problems like bruxism, TMJ disorder, discomfort, frustration, and more. Replace your teeth!

Prevent Tooth Loss Side Effects With Replacements!

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