One of the last things you’re thinking about this season is breaking a tooth. Instead, you’re focused on all the merriment that will be going on! Unfortunately, a lot of that fun can actually lead to a tooth that’s no longer intact (or that ends up chipped) if you aren’t careful. For instance, certain foods are more of a foe than a friend. Many activities that are otherwise full of joy can lead to smile issues. Let’s cover a few, so you know how to have some good, very safe fun.

All About Gifts

You’re going to wrap gifts for others. You’re going to carry gifts from one place to another. You’re going to unwrap gifts. Throughout this process, you may be a person who uses your teeth a lot or from time to time to help you. Or, you may be someone who does not do that at all. We strongly encourage you to be the latter. When you get your teeth involved in the experience, your chance of ending up breaking a tooth skyrockets. Use your hands, use other appropriate tools, etc.

All About Food

Some foods you know will not head you in the direction of breaking a tooth. Others, of course, will. For instance, soup, jello, mashed potatoes: no problem. However, bones in meat, fruit with pits or seeds, hard breads, nuts, extremely hard desserts (like cookies, brittle, and hard candies) can all results in severe consequences. We don’t suggest you avoid everything that you love. We simply advise you to proceed with caution (rather than with the reckless abandon which, of course, is more delightful), so you can enjoy the season and keep your smile in one piece.

Protect Your Smile With Easy Advice

Follow our simple advice and you will find that it’s easy to keep your teeth safe. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.