When you imagine gingivitis affecting your smile, you may visualize red and very puffy gums. “That’s not something that’s affecting me!” you may then say to yourself. The truth is, diagnosing this issue is often less straightforward than you think. Keeping it from affecting you may also be something of a mystery. Good news: Our quick Q&A will make sure you are informed with the essential knowledge you need for excellent gum health.

Questions and Answers

Question: Can I avoid gingivitis even if it runs in my family?

Answer: Yes! While issues with your gum health can certainly be related to your genetics, that does not mean you are destined to end up with disease. Fortunately, when you take care of your smile, you can protect your gingiva!

Question: Won’t I be able to tell right away if I have gingivitis? If so, can’t I just come to you for a cure?

Answer: You might not notice it. This initial stage of gum disease can begin and continue to affect your oral health without making much of a display. You may feel just fine and think that your smile looks perfectly fine, even though disease is occurring. In addition, we don’t simply cure the problem. We may help you but you will need to brush and floss consistently to reverse the concern.

Question: So, what should I be doing to make sure gingivitis doesn’t happen?

Answer: This is very easy. You can keep your gums healthy at home and at our practice. First, at home, you will brush your teeth two times on a daily basis (and you absolutely must floss once daily, too). Then, you will need to include two annual visits to us for cleanings and for checkups. Easy as can be!

Protect Your Gum Health With Easy Steps

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