First things first, we encourage you to consider the fact that dental extractions are greatly advantageous to your smile when you need them. We also would like for you to remember that if you must have a tooth removed that requires replacement, we can absolutely help you in planning for your complete smile. So, no matter how you look at it, choosing to protect your smile with an extraction will lead you down a beneficial path. Now as for the reasons you may discover you need this treatment, we offer a bit of helpful information.

#1: You Broke It

One reason you might discover that you need a dental extraction? You broke your tooth. This might be significant damage to the tissue or even a crack. Remember that not all types of damage can be fixed with a treatment like a filling or crown. Sometimes, it’s just too substantial.

#2: Serious Decay Has Formed

When you have decay that’s destroyed a good portion of your tooth and has exposed your inner tissues, you may require a dental extraction. When bacteria have the opportunity to damage your tooth, there may not be enough left to restore. Instead, we remove the tooth and start fresh!

#3: An Infection Has Become Too Severe

An infection within your tooth can become difficult to treat if it is severe. It can destroy the interior of your tooth and can lead to an abscess, which can leave you with a serious problem that spreads. To end the issue, a dental extraction is often key.

#4: Your Orthodontist Suggested It

Need more room in your overcrowded grin? You may need an extraction or two before braces.

Receive Your Comfortable Extraction

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