While taking a whirl through the online world of smile whitening suggestions may imply you can take care of this detail yourself, it’s important to remember something: The stuff you read online is not always reliable! Instead, we strongly advise you to keep in mind that if you want an effective teeth whitening option, all of your choices are not going to provide you with the same results. Curious about how to seek out safe, impressive whitening versus a primarily ineffective, potentially harmful experience? We’ve got just the information you need.

Effective: Professional Whitening

If you want effective teeth whitening, then what you want is professional whitening. As dental professionals, we take great care to provide our patients with the treatments that maximize the yield of beautiful results while minimizing the possibility of any type of damage. It’s going to work but it isn’t going to harm your smile.

Less Effective: Over-The-Counter Whitening

We cannot attest to that box of whitening treatment you picked up from the store or that you ordered online. Unfortunately, a common problem with such teeth whitening is that it doesn’t do much in the way of whitening but it does cause dental damage.

Effective: Cosmetic Solutions Like Veneers

Maybe you aren’t a prime candidate for teeth whitening but instead, your discoloration calls for something like the use of veneers or bonding. See us soon! These professional treatments will transform the beauty of your smile.

Less Effective: Brushing Techniques And Home Remedies

It might seem like trying the remedy you found online (or making more of an effort when brushing) will work. However, if you’re seeing stained teeth, you need professional teeth whitening or other cosmetic care to get the job done.

For Effective Whitening, See Our Team Soon

When you know that you are ready for a whiter smile, see our team for the effective (and safe) treatment that will yield beautiful results. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.