The process of figuring out just which cosmetic treatment is the right one for you is one that might surprise you! You may feel like you know exactly what you want right away. Or, you may wish to take some time to think things through. When you have narrowed it all down and landed on porcelain veneers as your solution, there may still be some learning to do! While the general idea of being able to customize your smile sounds good, you may want to know: Are veneers going to last? Or, are they quite delicate? Let’s explore!

Durable In Their Wear

Fortunately, porcelain veneers are not delicate in their wear. Instead, they are very durable. Having a hard time believing this, since you know they are slim ceramic shells? Well, here’s what you should remember:

  • They are constructed carefully to promote long-term wear that can handle daily chewing, speaking, and more
  • They can withstand exposure to staining pigments (just like your teeth), so if you clean them, they will remain vibrant
  • All your daily care will require is the usual brushing and flossing

Delicate In Their Appearance

The good news is, and just what you want to hear, is that porcelain veneers are indeed delicate in their appearance. One of the major concerns we hear from patients is that they worry veneers will look big, chunky, obvious, artificial, etc. They will not. They are made, as you know, of hyper-thin layers of porcelain. The result of such details is that their placement over your teeth for esthetic improvement will be gorgeous. There’s nothing chunky or oversized about them. They’ll just look like your real teeth that have been made to look more beautiful and refined!

Learn About Veneers When We See You Next

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