Month: February 2018

A Bruxism Treatment Quiz: Testing How Much You Know!

How much would you say you already have memorized when it comes to bruxism disorder treatment? Is this still quite new to you, so you’re not really certain about all of the details just yet (but you would certainly like to protect your teeth)? Rely on our quiz for a glimpse into your current knowledge… Read more »

Smile Health Protection: Time To Wash Your…

You think about a lot of details when it comes to getting your smile as pristine as possible and maintaining your oral health. However, you might not be thinking about cleansing more than your teeth and gums (and hopefully your tongue, too). Did you know that you may need to do just a bit of… Read more »

Things To Make Your Valentine’s Day Sweet

If you choose to indulge with reckless abandon on Valentine’s Day, you make wake up the following morning with a bit of guilt! After all, if you’re participating in an all-day sugar marathon, you’re doing quite a disservice to your oral health. Why not consider some ways you can still absolutely enjoy yourself without practically… Read more »

Your Smile: Be A Kid Again!

Remember when you were a kid, your smile was still new and pristine, and dental care seemed easy? Why not harken back to those days by thinking of your oral health just a bit along those more youthful lines? Not entirely sure what we are getting at but it sounds like fun? Sometimes a new… Read more »